Hello , I am Stacia A. Martin the face behind The Coffee House Counselor.com. Many of us today are searching for answers outside the medical and western psychological  community. Managed care is increasing within insurance companies and this practice is leaving every day individuals fighting their insurance and sometimes their own doctors for answers .  Most individuals have no health coverage at all.


The Coffee House Counselor aims to help those who are emotionally and physically suffering to find answers to their unique situation when no  answer is forthcoming.  The Coffee House Counselor.com  understands that we are multidimensional .  To be truly well the spirit, soul and body must all be addressed. This website seeks to help you  facilitate your own healing expedition.  The Coffee House Counselor.com  is a result of my own voyage and I will gladly allow you to come on the quest with me to be whole and to be catapulted into the extraordinary.

Shalom ,

Stacia A. Martin  The Coffee House Counselor.com