CPTSD Counselors are not Immune

Some of you may know me because I am your Facebook friend.  A few  of you may know me by my Facebook page or discovered my blog.  If you are just finding me I am Stacia A. Martin , owner of The Coffee House Counselor. I am also the face of CPTSD. Counselors are not immune to suffering either.


Yucel Moran

A  year ago I became really ill. It was thought to be a life threatening disease and so I was sent to counseling to walk through my new reality.  It was there that I was diagnosed with CPTSD.  Not only was my body ill but my spirit was suffering as well.  I am a survivor of sexual abuse, domestic violence , a serious accident with fatalities and several losses (deaths) of key support figures in my life.  Those things add up.

I have had lots of counseling for these issues over the years , but the heart and spirit heals on its own time table and only as much you grow to handle the new reality of walking in wholeness.   I recently shared two  videos on face book and I will put it here as well. I hope that these videos bring you hope and healing that  you are not alone.

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