Hello Old Friend

Good afternoon, It has been a while. I took an outside job as a Veteran’s Service officer. It demanded much of my time. While working as a Service Officer my mother died, I was in a car accident and sustained a TBI and spinal damage. As if that was not enough my sister was killed. It has been a rough year. I hope that what little audience I had on Facebook and blog posts can forgive me. I look forward to writing again and for helping others. I have new-found skills to add. I hope to redesign the page and add a Veterans corner. My husband or The Captain as I call him is a disabled veteran. He is an Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran that served in the Air Force. Although I do not work as a Service Officer any longer, I have the skill to assist freely any veteran to obtain their disability but it is hard work.

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Grief or shall I say complicated Grief has been a constant companion this last year . One could say that I have at least earned a Life Diploma on the subject as there is no school that can teach you about devastating loss.

Ill end my blog post with It is good to see you again and look forward to updating my blog skills and fellowshipping with you.


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