Keto Top 5 Reasons I Like It

Top 5 Reasons I Like It

Keto Diet is now all the craze and the rave. I have been following the lifestyle for almost a year. While weight loss is the target, I began keto for serious health reasons. Keto has been very good for the inflammation in my body and of course taking off 3o lbs has helped garner me a new wardrobe. My keto journey has not been linear. Weight loss rarely is. But keto is always there like an old familiar friend. I always see results when I am focused. Here are the top reasons to do keto.


1 .You count macros not calories
2. If you are exercise shy you will still lose the weight
3.The food choices are simple
4. The Keto Support Groups are amazing
5.  My husband likes the choices on Keto

1. Macros are stand for Macronutrients. There is a simple mathematical formula to follow on Keto. As you lose you can adjust your macros. The formula for Protein, Carbs and fat is very simple. You take the number of inches you are over five ft tall. You then multiply that by 2.3. Then add that to 45.5 and that is your protein. Here is an example of my macros.

I am 5ft 4 inches. So I take 4x 2.3 =9.2
9.2 +45.5 = 54.7 Protein
Carb 20 grams

Fat should be calculated two times your protein 109.4 grams which can be adjusted up or down for hunger.
(If you are male use 50 instead of 45.5 in your formula)

2. When I became ill exercise could not be part of the plan. But I had a wonderful response to keto, in weight loss and inflammation, so that I am now able to walk. So if you are having mobility issues keto can give you a measure of success without heavy workouts.

3. Simply by googling or looking on Pinterest, one can find recipes and visuals aides to the keto lifestyle. There are plenty of infograhics available via the net to get started with basic grocery shopping of low carb fruits and veggies. Keep in mind your serving size.

4. Facebook Support groups are amazing; I belong to quite a few. The coaches there are ultra helpful. Keto coaches are there full time or for second job of blogging and coaching on all things keto. You can simply join read the pin post and asked questions. Someone is always there to help after you do your research to clear the muddy waters of information overload.

5. My precious other half is very picky. If he finds things we both like I am super happy. I am glad to say that there is plenty on the keto menu my hungry guy will eat. Picky eaters , Vegans, Vegetarians  can thrive on Keto.

Fat Head Pizza is one of his favorites. There are plenty of recipes out there but this is the one I have adapted.

The Crust :
1.5 cups of Almond flour
¾ Cup of Mozzarella shredded
1tbs Cream Cheese
¼ tsp baking powder
1 Tablespoon of Onion Powder
1 tablespoon of Garlic Powder

Combine and microwave in 30 second increments until the cheeses have melted. Mix into a dough ball and let cool. Cooling the dough is important or it will cook the egg you are about to add.
Add medium egg and finish mixing the dough ball
Put dough on pan lined with Parchment Paper This is Super Important. Then cover dough with another piece of parchment paper and roll out with a roller, can or use your hands. Bake 400 about 8 minutes. Keep an eye out so it doesn’t burn.

For Sauce I use No sugar added tomato paste, salt, ground oregano, and Italian season blend. Your favorite blend will do as long as it has no hidden carbs. I put it in the magic bullet and blend. Sometimes I will throw in two tablespoons of goat cheese to the sauce as I am blending.
Then I top with Boars Head Turkey Pepperoni and choice of cheese, because we are not pork eaters in our home. There are many variations to topping your pizza of course of course. To find your macronutrients per slice measure your ingredients and plug them nutrition Calculator. I suggest Sparkpeople website as they have recipe calculator. It will populate you nutrition label as you plug in each ingredient. Again, always measure your serving size and you can’t go wrong.

I also suggest for Cravings Freedom Flowers Crave Control blend. I have that in my medicine cabinet . Just mix with water or  your favorite drink  and sip.

  Crave Control was created for, but not limited to food cravings. This is not just another appetite suppressant.
“Craving Control” helps foster a healthy mindset, proper motivation, and addresses the emotional aspects of stress eating, addiction and self-medicating.- Freedom Flowers

Happy Keto-ing
The Coffee House Counselor

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    1. I drink a lot of unsweetened teas. Tension Tamer is one. I also make my own ginger lemon tea from scratch. I just don’t suggest it in the afternoon it can keep you awake.
      The Coffee House Counselor

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